About Us

Reliable Electrical Service is a professional electrical services company, family-owned and operated, with extensive experience in the residential and commercial electrical fields. With over 30 years in the market, Reliable Electrical Services has assisted many different residential and commercial clients with their electrical projects.

Family Owned Electrical Service Company

Reliable Electrical Services is owned by Brian Smith, a 2nd generation Master Electrician with 30-plus years of experience. “I will never forget the first time as a young boy, I created my first circuit utilizing light, a switch, and a light bulb and it worked. My father was impressed and said that I would make an excellent electrician. That’s all it took for me, I was hooked”, says Brian Smith, owner of Reliable Electrical Services, about his first ever experience following his father’s footsteps.

Brian Smith – Master Electrician and Owner

Brain started out working with my father on weekends and during the summer. “Knowing what I wanted to do with my life, I started working for an electrical contractor right after I graduated from high school. Eventually my father started his own business and I worked my way up in the electrical trade on commercial and residential projects as an apprentice while attending South Tech (Boynton Beach, FL) for 4 years to pave the way to become a Master Electrician and the owner of Reliable Electrical Services” says Brian Smith.

Reliable Electrical Services offers an array of electrical services including but not limited to customs homes, condos, townhomes, restaurants, office buildings, malls and shopping strips, installing, trouble shooting, upgrading and repairing high and low voltage electrical circuits and equipment.

Our customer service and honesty is second to none and as a customer you should expect integrity and reliable professionalism. We are looking forward to working with you in your next Electrical Project.

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